EgeBingss Long



Our vison by organizing Ege Biennial International Neuroscience Graduate Summer School (EGE-BINGSS) is to advance the knowledge, technical skills, and professional attitudes of neuroscientists in Turkey, Balkans, Eastern Europe & Mediterranean, Middle East, the Turkic States, Black Sea Region and all other participating countries.

EGE-BINGSS aims to introduce eminent, devoted and role-model international neuroscientists and teaching faculty to graduate (and a small minority of selected undergraduate) students for transfer of knowledge and know-how. Our organization also creates opportunities for networking and encouragement of new international, inter-institutional, multidisciplinary, and multi-professional collaborations for research, education and translational community outreach.

EGE-BINGSS’s major target is junior neuroscientists; it optimally enrolls 50-60 graduate participants and occasionally admits several highly qualifying competent undergraduate students.

EGE-BINGSS addresses its purpose by holding 5 days comprehensive theoretical sessions in lively, interactive, and stimulating learning environments where thematic fundamentals, state of the art methodology, very recent data, neurophilosophy and neuroethics are covered. You’ll have the chance to join wet labs and special interest groups to improve communication and cooperation of the students with the faculty.

Social events related to culture-hunting and historical site-seeing constitute an important part of the educational experience.